- Undertale mod Gesawa banned me for no reason.

To whom it may concern:

Please ban GEZawa from flockmod. He was being a jerk and is a bad moderator.

If the Undertale administrator ends up reading this, demote GEZawa, He banned people for fun and erased a lot of things.

To the flockmod administartors, please ban GEZawa from flockmod as he is a jerk.

Thank you for reading this.


Author: deadguy749, 28.04.2016, 12:51
Idea status: under consideration


Fil, 26.07.2016, 00:42
I was banned too, I don't know if it was Gez, but im really annoyed, because I've talked to them on discord and they wont unban me, or explain why i was banned in the first place :I

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