- my tablet mouse isnt moving on the flockmod cilent but on other stuff

Im having a problem (and since the help thing is down i cant put it on there) soooo when i put my tablet pen hovering over the tablet on the flockmod client it doesnt move has anyone found a way to fix this? comment if you think you have the answer

Author: CollinChristoph, 24.05.2016, 14:12
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Response from the site administrator

auto, 29.01.2017
Apparently there's a bug in Google Chrome. Updating Chrome will fix it (in Chrome: Help - About Google Chrome) or download a different web browser (like Mozilla Firefox)


turntechDavehead, 06.01.2017, 05:59
Download the flockmod app for desktop and I'm 99% sure your tablet will work on that. For some people, including me, it doesn't work on browser so if you download it, this might be the solution! If it's not working and you use the tablet on the downloaded version, sadly, I'm not sure.

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