- Could we remove the planet and hentai rooms, they are at the top and it's frankly disturbing to look at. Child porn and horse porn, please do something, they also ask for donations. :(

What I said above, the two most popular rooms are literal child porn rooms, where people draw naked children and ask for donations for money and food. Please I don't wanna watch this. :(

Author: Inna, 10.07.2016, 11:15
Idea status: under consideration


Alexiwings9, 11.07.2016, 16:00
I agree, this stuff should't be visible anywhere.
Neepo, 25.12.2016, 18:34
Is this real-life child porn, or drawn child porn? If it is real-life child porn, that's an issue.
The donations thing doesn't seem to me to be an issue. If you don't like it, don't go to the room. You don't have to click on the rooms.
Velvet, 14.03.2017, 14:41
Yes, this is true.
Someone, 31.05.2017, 07:13
They ask for addresses sometimes o.o

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