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::::::::::Keyboard actions::::::::::
The idea is to make tools (according to these showed up) usable by F keys like F7 signed to Text.

The size should be controled by /\ (up) and \/ (down) and
alpha by < and > and
blur by HOME and END and
zoom by + (plus) and - (minus).

As a addon to this I would like to suggest favorite colors from 1 to 0 (10

colors). There are 15 places, so 5 slots will be out of range...
Then comes configuration by user, so he can change using favorite colors as

he wishes.

On the front page I saw " Play Now! ", so I propose those things also as a

gamer, because in many these keys are used (1-9, home, end and arrows) ;p

Here comes the link one more time

Please leave the vote if this idea seems nice to you.
Sorry if I made any mistakes in englisz :)

Author: Fixil, 12.08.2016, 14:33
Idea status: under consideration


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