- A CHILD (under 18 minor) is a moderator on your flockmod Hentai +18 room.

Hi there, I would just like to let you know that certain people using your site are condoning drawing 18+ NSFW art in front of minors. In actual fact, the minor is a moderator of the Hentai +18 room. The minor's name is Yinsaku. Upon asking these mods very specific and simple questions, such as if they condone porn in front of kids, they basically said yes, then began calling me autistic for asking such a question. I have included screenshots of it for your convenience: http://prnt.sc/ca1yx2 http://prnt.sc/ca1zlc http://prntscr.com/ca24ca http://prntscr.com/ca22hv I really hope that something is done about this. Would be a shame for things to get legal.

Author: Fed up., 24.08.2016, 17:16
Idea status: under consideration


jfrwjk, 03.01.2019, 05:08
The website is disgusting and the people are even more disgusting tbh. I can't even find a SFW board and when I do there's inappropriate drawings being drawn anyway. There ARE no moderators and the fact that this has only 11 votes is disgusting, with this being like from 2016 too. Damn.

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