- it says ive been kicked and i cant join any rooms, this just happened suddenly and i cant do anything on flockmod anymore, ive tried everything have i been banned?? i havent done anything wrong that i can recall ive been a good flockmod citizen :'(

I cant do anything on Flockmod whenever I go on the site it says 'you've been kicked!' and none of the rooms load, I cant make my own room and I've tried refreshing but it still wont work. I've seen that others have gotten the same problem and ive done all of what you have suggested to them but it still wont work.

Author: SaucyySalamander, 28.04.2017, 23:49
Idea status: completed

Response from the site administrator

auto, 29.04.2017
That means your version is out of date. Try clicking on the address bar (where it says http://) and press CTRL + F5 a couple of times. If that doesn't work, try using Incognito mode (CTRL + SHIFT + N in Chrome).


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