1. Okay. We need a BLOCK INBOXES button, because having some troll spam your neat inboxes is gross and stupid. Please, Auto. -Sytry
2. Also, see what you sent in inboxes, like I said.
3. And maybe even custom user names for certain ranks? B)
4. Another one is that you can modify privileges for certain people. e.g I want all mods to read mod chat except one mod, but it only works for everyone/nobody. It sucks.
5. A revamped gallery with a nicer looking layout. -Sytry
6. And easier ways to search, ways to customize your gallery, etc.
7. Muting chat notifications, or muting the whole chat so you don't lag when you're trying to draw (because the only way to shut them up is opening the chat, making you unable to draw)
8. Silencing people.
9. Changing the example images in the homescreen to the updated version of Flockmod.
11. Protect alpha. It'd be awesome and a godsend.
12. Chat filter, choose some words you don't want to be shown and it'll be censored/unable to post once typed.
13. Maybe even host weekly/monthly contests where the global mods host an art contest and feature the winner on the front page? Just a fun idea pfft
14. Editing ideas. PleaSE
15. New Flockmod logo?
16. Less lag. Or a new platform cuz AF old asf
17. Make me pink.
just kidding wtf

Author: turntechDavehead, 23.06.2017, 14:21
Idea status: under consideration


turntechDavehead, 23.06.2017, 14:35
i know #7 was added jkfdfd oops i dun goofed

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