- Tablet [version of] drawdevil is a lot too sensitive. You should make it less sensitive, or make some options for it.

I wasn't sure if this is an idea or a problem. Anyway, the tablet [version of] drawdevil is a lot too sensitive. I am a hard drawer so it was so bad, it was just horrible. You should make it less sensitive, or make some options for it. A slider, maybe in config?

Author: Foxie, 23.11.2013, 05:22
Idea status: under consideration

Response from the site administrator

fdt, 25.11.2013
(UPDATE: 11.05B tablet edition has a max size slider above size, setting this will limit the range of the sizes and make the pen less sensitive, though the advice below is still valid and useful so I am leaving it)

For the moment, please go in to your tablet settings on your computer and change your pen setting to be 'harder'.

This should help some.

Also be sure to range the tablet properly when you start the app,
You need to press down really hard so we understand what the max pressure should be for your tablet.
If you have an eraser, set it to be really soft, and press down with it to range the tablet instead, it tends to work better.


Foxie, 23.11.2013, 05:24
oops, let me end it.
A slider, maybe in the config menu?
ttttt, 23.11.2013, 06:05
They haven't worked with the mobile version yet, you'll have to deal with whatever happens for now.
fdt, 23.11.2013, 10:35
I believe this is in reference to our new pressure sensitive drawing tablet app.
woox, 09.01.2014, 06:11
Can we have the option to disable the tablet pressure sensitivity mode I liked it better while using my pen as mouse

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