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I've noticed serious issues with the flockmod gallery. First of all, anyone can edit any tags (allowing people to troll other's drawings and defile them), and there is no way to deal with anyone who is being a troll. One drawing I uploaded had its tags changed to "art shitty" and it source was removed. The person who did this also commented "this sucks shit" and has obviously been trying to harass other users. They also upvoted their own drawing 15 times to get their inflammatory messages across.

Could there be some protection of the tag and source fields, please?

Author: DekuScrub, 24.03.2014, 21:56
Idea status: completed

Response from the site administrator

auto, 22.08.2014


Maka, 05.04.2014, 20:11
There are several moderator on the gallery, those being the Global Moderators of Flockmod. Those who moderate the Gallery do notice the harassment. At one point there was the need to remove votes that were placed on a drawing, being it was unlikely that all of the votes were cast by many people.

Anyhow, users and mods will remove the inappropriate tags if they notice them being placed, so don't worry about that. And hey, they try their best to replace the harassing tags with their proper ones! :)
Overall, there are some solutions to a few of these problems, but then there are few solutions to the others. So, if you have a major issue with most to all of your art being spammed constantly with comments or with up-votes that are most likely by one person, you can contact the developers.

(I'm not quite sure if that would be a reason to contact them, but if it is a disturbance on your part, I'm sure they will have no problem helping. :D )

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