- Mods should be able to silence.

That is, like a mute, but instead of not being able to draw, you wouldn't be able to chat.

Author: Mody, 21.06.2014, 12:42
Idea status: under consideration


Anonymous, 02.08.2014, 01:09
Would be interesting... Mostly to annoy trolls leaving them in a "watch only" state :P, but also pretty useful in some situations when chat is abused in light ways.

This would be a function added to the room owner mod privs panel and when applied would force all clients to "Silence" the specific user, those users though are able to remove the "silence" for their specific clients if they desire so.

Just a complementation. Doubt that this is too hard to code and would be another useful resource to stop light trolls,

Please, consider it, Auto/FDT.
RVG, 02.08.2014, 01:21
I assume you are able to draw while being silenced, and that its just another option where some one can be silenced and muted separately , or at the same time. I think in circumstances where some one is silence, and only silenced, the the type tool should be disabled as well to prevent any loop holes. I mean sure some one can rage and start scribbling all over the board if they are silenced but that's were mods have other controls. I the case that silencing someone automatically mutes them in the process, well then... There's no reason for the argument.
Maan, 22.09.2014, 02:21
I think if you silence a jerk, it will result in them messing up other peoples paintings.
Anonymous7, 31.03.2015, 19:02
It's not really necessary, there is an ignore button.
potato, 15.04.2015, 07:28
I would like to thank Jon Snow for not modding properly today at 11:20am. Please do your job or don't bother to be a mod. I come here to draw, not be harassed by users.

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