- I would love to have flockmod on my ipad ^w^ it would be so cool, and i wld have more drawing abilities due to the tactile features. Please take it in consideration, it would be perf. Love flockmod already btw.

Flockmod App Store app ^w^

Author: Insufferable Prick, 24.07.2014, 18:35
Idea status: under consideration


Anon, 10.04.2015, 04:15
I actually like this idea of a flockmod app or something. I recently broke my laptop so have resorted to using my iPad but can't go on flockmod- the only times I get to go on flockmod is when I visit the library, which is quite rarely.
Soundfume, 01.11.2015, 08:49
yes. this would be great.

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