- Automatic tagging the the name of the room in the upload.

An option to automatically tag the name of the room in your upload. This would help for those that use the save option several times a day and would also help a lot in the organization of the gallery's artworks.

Author: Anonymous, 30.09.2014, 17:33
Idea status: under consideration


DOOPADOOP, 14.07.2015, 07:35
King Dedede, 01.12.2015, 12:24
Not everybody wants to put the room name on the tags though, such as if you were drawing in a private room that you have shared the link with certain people. And even then, some people don't give much care to the tags, meaning it would probably not work very much, if not at all.
Anonymous, 03.02.2016, 01:01
>OPTION. toggle. yes/no.

are you capable of reading?

if anyone wants to tag the name of the room themselves, manually, they can and will, regardless of it being private or not. this would NOT add any new way of breaking the rooms "privacy"

this only makes it automatized, so people with thousands of uploads do not need to tag every single picture

>some people don't give much care for the tags

yeah nobody cares about the tags because the gallery itself is an absolute joke at the state that it is at, completely disorganized and filled with spam from kids rooms. the only way of browsing it is by browsing specific users, and for that you need to know their username.

tagging the rooms makes it easy to browse material that you want from a specific room and learn about new art. see what was drawing at certain days, etc etc..... it is an extremely useful feature for public rooms.
e, 22.04.2017, 01:12
Maybe add this just to non-private rooms?

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