- if you get banned you get sent to a flockmod jail room which is owned by derek for 24 hours.

Author: Space, 01.10.2014, 12:01
Idea status: under consideration


Mackenzie Fraser, 16.01.2015, 14:54
Or maybe a week or so.. Then the trolls can actually learn something.
Anonymous, 22.02.2015, 08:02
yeah it would be cool. instead of the " Banned!" stuck room, you get redirected to the goderek banned lobby, of which you can only exit if restart the client
goderek91, 13.05.2015, 05:51
Anon, 19.08.2015, 22:50
The comment was deleted by the administrator
Muffy, 28.11.2015, 10:40
Personally I think that BANNED should be as it is. Not a special lobby for that would be a pain to operate and code.
Anonymous, 26.03.2016, 21:19
The ban system is good as it is however it is bullshit that I am now being banned from most channels that I join. The sad thing is that I keep getting banned by people because I said that "drawings of child porn are still child porn".

So apparently thinking that child porn (which is completely illegal in most first-world countries) is bad is something that gets me banned from a huge amount of channels. I'm not sure that this looks good for your image, FlockMod.
Chelsie, 29.03.2016, 14:18
i am banned from all the rooms and i have no idea why i am usally in room genural and my name is chel in the room please someone un ban me please i have no idea what the heck i did
Kaya, 31.05.2016, 06:43
I do not understand. At some roomie I have been banned for accidentally smear , and I saw another roomie after 5 , if someone has been banned for it . So why I had been banned immediately ?
Anonymous, 09.07.2016, 00:05
without the rick roll please

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