- Mods shouldn't be corrupt. Don't you agree? Here's why you should.

The rules of Omegle Draw are so unstable, that whether a mod silences someone, it is based off what they want and not what the rules say. There were 5 rules being broken in a room, at once. And I draw about 1/4 of an inverted color on the canvas. I get kicked. I did not break rules, I did not draw over anyone's drawing, and I didn't do anything wrong. But I still got kicked because the mods are becoming abusive of their powers. No one else got kicked or silenced. There needs to be a room with no mods in it whatsoever so that users can draw as they please and not have to deal with doing something right or wrong when there is a mod. That way, no one is silenced and everyone deals with it themselves. An entire room just for trolls. This is clearly an easier solution than changing the methods of mods altogether. I am already aware that no one will listen to new suggestions as to how mods should use their powers.

Author: Chris, 04.10.2014, 15:09
Idea status: under consideration


Anonymous, 15.10.2014, 19:43
go to /nlobby4 instead
not_a_nigger, 12.04.2015, 03:04
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