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In the major rooms, often users end up without enough space to draw when there are more than 20+ users or so.
To solve this issue, room owners tried to manage multiple rooms at the same time, which does help, but it fragments the user base of the room, mostly leading to users prefering to join the crowded room with other users that they know instead of trying to populate the empty room.

A possible solution to this would be making a higher resolution board. Would surely help, but we are aware that it isn't very simple to be done. Other solution (that can already be used) would be drawing in different layers, which would have as the only major problem the cursor of other users that are drawing on the other layers moving around and disturbing the activity on board.

What I suggest is adding a "secondary" board in the same room. You would click a button and it would take you to the room's secondary board, altough keeping the same chat and userlist as the "main board". Pretty much the same as drawing in different layers without the cursors, but built in a more user-friendly way. and perhaps building it somehow that it would never load both boards simultaneously, improving the memory usage (rooms with layers enabled tend to be very laggy for most users)

Author: Anonymous, 14.10.2014, 19:26
Idea status: under consideration


kenny_, 15.10.2014, 12:54
i think u need to change me bak bro
Maka, 22.11.2014, 17:01
I agree.
lei, 22.11.2014, 18:23
I agree with this idea. Its a lot easier then layers(which people tend to draw on other layers over other drawings). Be like leaving a room and going to another. Just the "rooms" share a chat.
Maka, 22.11.2014, 20:51
I agree.
isquashsnails, 23.11.2014, 11:04
i think this is a pretty good idea since most of the time nlobby4 has absolutely no space.
Vilde, 24.11.2014, 02:32
Would be better to give people an incentive to want to go to other less populated rooms. The top rooms now are popular because they are popular, it's very sad to see. It's like a celebrity that is famous for being famous, very bad. I'm not opposed to a more crisp canvas, but fact is that most people wouldn't benefit from a crisp canvas. More pixels won't make a bad drawing look good, the pixels would mean nothing to the large majority of people who rarely draw but prefer exchanging nudes with each other. I guess what I'm saying is that the site will always be shit and it doesn't matter how many features you add as long as the rooms have bad moderation. I don't care to be a mod myself, I'd prefer not to be but it's the set of rules those mods enforce that I have an issue with. If a room would be able to be noticed for how well run it is as opposed to how popular it is, that would fix a lot of the problems people are complaining about. A room that would function more like an art school as opposed to a kindergarten playpen.
Magus, 24.11.2014, 08:39
good sheit i agree
Kenny, 25.11.2014, 15:51
hey flokmod ned money help not only save dis site from it sins but pay money for ur sins as well love u ;0 #startachanreaction ples :D
Anonymous, 29.12.2014, 19:43
People hate you, vilde. that is why they won't ever hang in your room. not because the system is flawed.
assy, 23.02.2015, 12:37
"i like" -borat
Also i was told to comment
anonymous1, 26.02.2015, 17:07
a hi-res board would be nice regardless
also, borat is awesome, fuck yeah
"very nice" - borat
Alexwall, 01.03.2015, 17:24
Is this not what layers mode is for?
Heck, 15.07.2015, 13:50
this is a great idea, we can finally separate bronies from the others now or even separate whites, yellows, browns and blacks, by having boards only for each individual race.

wait, do you mean like, you can also mute a user only on a particular board which he's not allowed to draw on?
Rob, 05.03.2016, 08:00
Maybe just make the room infinite in all directions like they do on anondraw

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