- how do i log in?

i registered and put my username and password in the boxes and the pressed join room but when i try to register the room it says i'm not logged in :(

theres no log in button eather, i really don't understand how to log in

Author: moa, 24.12.2014, 01:25
Idea status: under consideration

Response from the site administrator

auto, 22.01.2015
That means either:
- Your account is not registered (try to register it again)
- Or you are typing a wrong password (are you sure it's your own account? maybe someone else registered it before you)

If you still need some help, please contact us at devs@flockmod.com


kaythe32, 10.03.2017, 04:42
Well it said when i tried to register a room it said i wasn't logged in but i was so i think that FlockMod should fix the problem where there is a log in button so yea if i can figure how to too i will leave a another comment your welcome
grace143, 08.08.2018, 06:58
when i pressed login button i went on server but in a couple of minites im muted why this happped pls tell me

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