- No Permabans

There should be no permanent bans on Flock Mod because if some retarded mod permabans you just for the fun of it you can't go to that room again because that mod banned you.
Also, if there's only temporary bans people who have been banned can come back and say sorry to whoever they trolled or annoyed.
Also, if there is only temporary bans people can come back to they're favorite rooms once their ban expires.
Last but not least, once somebody's ban expires, they can come back and tell the mods they won't do it again and those people can see their friends again.
Thank you.

Author: deadguy749, 03.04.2015, 13:45
Idea status: completed

Response from the site administrator

auto, 09.04.2015
I would say more than 90% of the bans are temporary.
In my opinion permabans should only be used in extreme cases but it's up to room owners to decide if they allow permabanning in their room (and when).


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