- Make Flockmod Kid Friendly

Flockmod should be Kid friendly because kids wanna draw and make friends
Also, i got to a room and there was child porn everywhere
Plz make flockmod kid frienly

Author: deadguy749, 03.04.2015, 15:33
Idea status: under consideration

Response from the site administrator

fdt, 03.04.2015
Flockmod allows rooms to make their own rules as to their content. We will never impose site wide censorship in a way that discourages adults artists from expressing themselves as well. That being said if its illegal in the USA its prohibited on flockmod. Uploading child porn is definitely prohibited in any and all rooms. I have gone through the last 24 hours of the gallery and was unable to locate the room in question or any related images. Please contact us at devs@flockmod.com to help us follow up on this.


Dylan, 04.11.2016, 01:00
omg.....Omg..Omg goodbye innocence

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