- pixel-art

a mode for pixel art, apart from other modes (layers , blend ) or an integrated extra.

now if we draw on smallest zoom-in level to simulate pixel art it gets anti-aliased if we zoom out, destroying the pixel effect.

needs 1 or 2 layers with pixels, low resolution (customized amount pixels or fixed), and no anti alias, so the pixels show crisp. also on the line tool and text tool and maybe more toold there should be option to put anti alias on or off. [off] to make pixelated lines, [on] to make smooth shapes within the line.

i think pixel-art would be a great extra feat to this already great app !!!!!

Author: Beams, 21.05.2015, 12:21
Idea status: under consideration


Beams, 23.05.2015, 11:26
1 thing i forgot to mention, in pixelart mode the line tool could have an fixed-angle setting (customisable or not) . very very practical, and neccecary in isometric designs ( 2,5 D )

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