PLEASE! I'm desperate. Flockmod NEEDS an option to have room passwords. Sometimes I have huge parties with my friends and we draw a scene, but of course, Someone ALWAYS comes and starts cussing us out and erases EVERYTHING. I'm so sick of it! It's something that should've been added a long time ago.

Author: -HighFlyer-, 01.06.2015, 15:23
Idea status: under consideration


Cyd0rk, 01.06.2015, 15:26
Yes please flockmod :'^D
LittleScarlet75, 01.06.2015, 15:28
I agree with my friend Highflyer, we were having a great time until an anomynos person came and cussed at us. This could cause emotional difficulties and depression to troller victums.
Anonymous, 04.06.2015, 14:53
You could sort of add the password to the room name (and of course not set the room to public)

Furthermore there's the option to automatically mute anyone who enters the room, and the option to undo.
King_Dedede, 01.12.2015, 14:24
True, but there is always that one time when you are in a smaller room and some troll comes in when all the mods are AFK or away at the moment and ruins everything. If the auto-mute option was on, everyone would be muted and wouldn't be able to be unmuted. Also undo is only available to mods, and no mods = no undo.
beams, 07.06.2015, 09:19
yes simply make a weird room name like ef34j8fseifj and register it then make it non-public and the problem is solved.
King_Dedede, 01.12.2015, 14:19
The room name would be hard to remember however. Most room that you go on will have a name you may be able to remember easily, so that wouldn't work very well.
fdfdfdfdf, 03.12.2015, 00:09
Or... just make it a private room and privately message your friends the room name?
Nuggetto, 19.07.2016, 21:18
Just make the room private...
Pit, 28.11.2016, 21:33
Just uncheck the box that says make room public ;>>

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