- Artist's flockmod

Here are some ideas for making Flockmod more artist friendly.

-Make the hot key for the color picker x and the hot key for the brush tool z.
-Make it possible for users with the right privileges to select a region and resize it. This would be useful when you're making full body figures and you've got too few pixels, to make a nice looking face or a nice looking hand.
-Don't allow people to upload their work to the gallery. It's an unnecessary feature.
-If possible shrink the ui and increase the size of the canvas.
-Quality over quantity when it comes to rooms, I have a nice idea of how to make sure that rooms that are actually well run are populated and not vice versa. Remove the user count next to the room and force people to only watch the preview and room description. People like company so they click whatever room has the most users, but what if they would be forced to choose room only by how the canvas looks and what the room description says. Then I think it would be possible to ensure that quality rooms are populated, then the "brony rooms" and "collect nudes of little girls" rooms would quickly disappear.
-Some people like the layers mode, but there is no good way to blend values in that mode since the smudge tool is broken. It doesn't work unless you're drawing with 100% alpha. Or on a background that is completely white. So fix the smudge tool.
-Change the color scheme of the ui, the blue almost turquoise look makes the app look baby-isk. I suggest a less saturated color scheme, in fact a black and white ui wouldn't be bad at all.
-Make the tablet pen pressure affect the alpha value slider.

Some people might be opposed to some of these suggestions but that is not because you're opposed to a better environment in which any creative, artistically inclined person could flourish. It's because you're not compatible which such an environment.

Author: Tomte, 07.06.2015, 19:25
Idea status: under consideration


Grimmy, 04.11.2016, 18:08
Ah. here's the thing... Most artists that use different programs are used to the main hotkeys;
(brush-b) (erase or undo- ctrl + z) (eraser-e)...

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