- Remove the user count next to rooms

People choose rooms by how popular they are instead of how well run they are, removing the user count and scrambling the rooms in the room list would ensure that rooms that are well run are popular. It would be one step in the right direction to make Flockmod a nicer site for people to spend time on. I myself want nothing to do with planet, nlobby4, flockpony because the people who run them are sickos who mostly spend their time preying on the naive minds of little girls.

Author: User, 04.07.2015, 20:32
Idea status: in process


Cloud, 07.07.2015, 12:29
Planet and nlobby4 are well run rooms, which is the reason why they are so popular. The reason flockpony is popular is because it is a theme room, where people of one mind come to draw.
User, 10.07.2015, 03:16
A lot of good moderation in planet but also some very bad moderation, there are some people in there who should not be moderating anyone, ever. Nlobby4 is not well run at all and the pony rooms which there are three of, are pretty much rooms for a strange form of beastiality/pedophile porn.

Planet is sort of alright if it wouldn't be for some mods, but nlobby4 and the pony rooms are very badly run. They're so popular because there are lots of bronies on this site and because everyone in nlobby4 are made moderators, naked pictures of little girls are also shared among the male users in nlobby4 which makes for good entertainment to some.

I think my idea is a good one, if users wouldn't be able to see how many people are in the rooms, they would have to choose rooms based on other things, like how good the preview or room description look.
User, 12.03.2016, 19:45
Tomte pls

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