- The mods muted me for no reason

I was doing nothing wrong and they muted me, then refused to unmute me. I asked why and they just began to harass me in the chat. They asked me to take a picture with no shirt on or of my butt to prove that I was 18. I have no idea why they were asking me this, as I did nothing wrong. Please unmute me, I have been unfairly harassed by people who, in my opinion, shouldn't have the ability to disrespect people for no reason. I

Author: CrimsonRose, 05.08.2015, 16:09
Idea status: under consideration


Tomte, 11.08.2015, 16:25
You have to say which room so the site owners can deal with the perpetrators. If it's one of the more popular rooms and not some random kid who harassed you I think the site owners must act. Nlobby4 has a history of demanding naked pictures from underage girls and some girls do put up. I think this is unacceptable behavior unless the girls or boys aren't underage and the people demanding the naked pictures aren't 20+ hairy fat asses. Wake up Auto, Moon♥, pen and all the other flockmod developers.
LCS, 17.10.2015, 09:52
How dare you accuse nlobby4 of such a heinous act sir. We have standards!
EtherealLunala, 28.02.2017, 23:22
Wow, that is just disgusting. And.. just.. WHY. Thats extremely stupid because there was no reason. If it was a room that was 18+ it would make more sense but it would still be harassment but.. Just.. WHY.
What room did this exactly?

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