- chickeeen

chickeeen muted me for no reason, he uploaded a picture that took half of the board and i made one little tiny dot on it. Muted for 50 hours.... How is that legit? Please note that he also waved a huge text over the board before this, this goes against the rules. And since when users can upload photography that take half the board? Nice to know any retartd can be moderator..

Author: god_doesnt_exist, 08.08.2015, 15:39
Idea status: under consideration


LCS, 15.10.2015, 17:51
chicken is a monster and should be destroyed
King_Dedede, 01.12.2015, 12:59
If you have problems with a mod on nlobby4, you have to contact one of the room owners as the global mods have no connection to rooms other than fallback.

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