- Go back if you make a mistake like in a program like paint, you either press the back arrow or press CTRL+Z, but only for your own drawings.

Go back if make a mistake

Author: Cole aka ABoyFallOutBoyFan, 28.09.2015, 19:27
Idea status: under consideration


King_Dedede, 01.12.2015, 13:56
FlockMod doesn't work like most drawing programs. Chances are, you are in a room with multiple people on FlockMod rather that being alone on a program like Paint, GIMP or Photoshop. Using the Control+Z command would most likely work on everyone's drawings as the program saves pictures of the board every few seconds. Either that, or the user gets to partial undo where they could easily undo the whole board.

Meaning this idea probably won't be implemented.

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