- Private Groupchat

Private groupchats should be possible in the same way modchat is handled. The way it could be done is that each user has their own "channel" by default, which appears in the drop down list under Public and Mod chat. They can invite people to be part of it. Users can accept or decline by pressing on it in chat (same way votemute is done). If they accept, the groupchat will appear in the drop down list, together with Public and Mod chat. Each group chat carries the owner's name. To prevent invitation spam, an option to disable invites could be added in the config. Another useful addition would be when ignoring users, it would prevent them of sending you any invites. And finally, a command to leave a groupchat should be added.

Author: Required, 29.05.2017, 14:18
Idea status: under consideration


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