- Loading Room List Problem

Well as you can see, i am a flock mod user and i keep trying to refresh the home page for the room list, but the problem is that it keeps saying " Unable to get room list. Please retry later." I have perfect internet connection and what not, i don't know if its the computer i use or something, it is a schools laptop and i don't know what is going on with it. I have reloaded many times and restarted my laptop, nothing worked good. Please if you can fix this problem for me you would be a life saver, thank you for your time.

Author: тαcø, 05.01.2018, 21:15
Idea status: under consideration


Thomas, 06.01.2018, 13:35
I'm having the same problem!
BonBon, 06.01.2018, 14:10
Same here . And doesn't let me log in my room either.

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