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Hey devs, Updates are great and thanks a bunch for putting in the hours to keep us satisfied, I know you do this out of pure kindness and enjoyment. I have an idea though for the ban menu, I think it would be extremely helpful if there were a search bar implemented allowing mods to search for an IP making it easier to confirm if said user has been banned previously and recently. With rooms such as planet, we update the bans to match with accordance to our other rooms. If said user is banned in one, then banned in another their length of detention is modified to match a higher length time. I believe a search bar in the ban menu would eliminate most if not all of the hassle eyeballing the sequence. I'd love to hear your ideas on this. Thanks again. :)

Author: Origin, 16.12.2013, 06:41
Idea status: under consideration


Dav999, 17.12.2013, 08:24
I like this idea, but the ban list can be sorted by IP by clicking on the header where it says IP. It will disregard the dots though, so it would display above Though searching would be less of a hassle of course :)

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