- Why are all the previous drawings deleted?!?!? is there a way to get them back??

All the drawings from the Flockmod gallery are deleted...why? i would love to know why... There are people who draw with their hearts out on this site and its so upsetting seeing all those drawings vanished. How would you guys get them back? how?? Ive had my sketches on there and now i see its all gone..

Author: Fobert, 19.12.2014, 01:37
Idea status: under consideration

Response from the site administrator

fdt, 19.12.2014
Our host has experienced a total loss of data on our gallery server.
We do not have a way to recover the images they've lost, and they are unwilling or unable to provide an acceptable solution for the future that prevents this issue.

So, we are attempting to abandon them and implement a solution that allows us to perform daily backups of our systems and maintain a more stable website.

We are deeply upset about the loss as well and we are working to implement a long term solution despite the higher operating costs it brings.


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